Kilimanjaro Expedition

Conquering Africa’s Majestic Peak

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Trip Overview

Embark on a thrilling expedition with Taktok Brothers to conquer the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. Nestled in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania, this dormant volcano stands as the highest single free-standing mountain globally, reaching an impressive 5,895 meters (19,341 feet) above sea level. The adventure unfolds against the backdrop of Kilimanjaro National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering a major hiking and climbing destination.

  • Epic Summit: Challenge yourself to reach Uhuru Peak, standing atop Kibo’s crater rim and marking the highest point in Africa.
  • Diverse Volcanic Cones: Explore the unique volcanic cones of Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira, each contributing to the captivating landscapes and challenges of the journey.
  • Kilimanjaro National Park: Traverse through the pristine Kilimanjaro National Park, home to diverse ecosystems and captivating natural wonders.
  • Scientific Significance: Gain insights into the ongoing scientific studies focused on Kilimanjaro, particularly its shrinking glaciers and ice fields, adding an educational dimension to your adventure.
  • Season
  • Destination
  • Duration
    9 Days
  • Altitude
    5895 m/19341 ft
  • Groups
    5-15 Peoples
  • Walk per day
    5-6 Hours


Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport and enjoy a comfortable transfer to the hotel.

  • Altitude 894 m
  • Meals N/A
  • Accomodation Hotel

Drive from the hotel to Londorossi Gate, then proceed to Morum Barrier Gate. Begin the trek into Shira Camp 1 with a high-altitude drop-off.

  • Altitude 3,500m
  • Meals B/L/D
  • Accomodation Camping

Continue the trek from Shira Camp 1 to Shira Camp 2, experiencing the changing landscapes.

  • Altitude 3890 m
  • Meals B/L/D
  • Accomodation Camping

Trek from Shira Camp 2 to Lava Tower and then onward to Barranco Camp. Enjoy breathtaking views and challenging terrain.

  • Altitude 3,900m
  • Meals BLD
  • Accomodation Camping

Trek from Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp, including a 1-2 hour acclimatization hike towards Barafu. Prepare for the upcoming ascent.

  • Altitude 3,963 m
  • Meals BLD
  • Accomodation Camping

Continue the trek from Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp, the last stop before the summit push.

  • Altitude 4,673 m
  • Meals BLD
  • Accomodation Accommodation: Camping

Embark on the summit push to Stella Point and Uhuru Peak. Descend to Barafu Camp and further to Millenium Camp for a well-deserved rest.

  • Altitude 3720 m
  • Meals BLD
  • Accomodation Camping

Trek from Millenium Camp to Mweka Camp and then to Mweka Gate, officially exiting Kilimanjaro National Park.

  • Altitude 1830 m
  • Meals BLD
  • Accomodation N/A

Bid farewell to Tanzania as you depart from Kilimanjaro International Airport.

  • Altitude 1830 m
  • Meals N/A
  • Accomodation N/A


  • Hassle-free transfers to and from the airport for your convenience.
  • Enjoy a comfortable stay for two nights at a hotel in Moshi, providing a relaxing start and end to your expedition.
  • Quality, waterproof, and four-season private tents ensure a secure and comfortable shelter during your entire journey.
  • All necessary fees for entry into the park, contributing to the conservation and maintenance of the natural environment.
  • Experienced and professional guides accompany you, ensuring a safe and knowledgeable journey.
  • All-inclusive meals during your time on the mountain, providing nourishing and healthy sustenance.
  • Salaries for guides, porters, and cooks, fostering fair and ethical treatment of our dedicated support team.
  • Common areas equipped with mess tents, tables, and chairs to enhance your dining and social experience.
  • Clean and purified drinking water is provided to keep you hydrated during your expedition.
  • Comprehensive crisis management and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of participants.
  • We prioritize the fair and ethical treatment of porters, recognizing their invaluable contribution.


  • Airfare to and from Tanzania is not included in the expedition cost.
  • The cost of obtaining a visa for entry into Tanzania is excluded.
  • Any additional hotel stays and meals beyond the specified itinerary due to early departure or personal choice are not covered.
  • Expenses such as laundry, telephone calls, and beverages not included in the itinerary are the responsibility of participants.
  • A minimum of USD 250 for summit bonus tips is not included.
  • Additional tips and gratuities beyond the summit bonus are excluded.
  • Travel, high-altitude, accident, medical, and emergency evacuation insurance are not part of the expedition cost.
  • Costs related to telephone usage, internet access, laundry, alcoholic beverages, personal equipment, and personal shopping are not covered.

Trip Notes

Weather Conditions: Kilimanjaro’s weather can vary, and while the expedition is planned during favorable seasons, clients should be prepared for unexpected changes.

Altitude Considerations: Climbing at high altitudes requires careful acclimatization. The itinerary includes acclimatization days to minimize health risks.

Flexible Itinerary: The nature of mountainous terrain may require adjustments for safety or unforeseen circumstances. Rest assured, our commitment to providing a memorable experience remains unchanged.

Cost of Expedition

Expedition costs may vary based on factors such as group size, specific client needs, permit costs in different seasons, and accommodation preferences. For accurate and personalized cost details, please contact Taktok Brothers Expeditions. We look forward to tailoring the perfect package for your Kilimanjaro adventure.

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Our client reviews

Lisa Ligina

November 5, 2023

Taktok Brothers made my trek in Nepal an unforgettable experience. The entire trip, from planning to execution, was seamless. The team’s deep understanding of the local culture added a unique layer to the adventure. If you want an authentic trekking experience, Taktok Brothers are the ones to go with!

David De-Gia

November 5, 2023

My trek with Taktok Brothers was a dream come true. The staff’s passion for the mountains and their commitment to responsible tourism shone through at every step. I’ll cherish the memories of this journey, and I’m already planning my next adventure with them.

Maria D-Closk

November 5, 2023

I can’t say enough good things about Taktok Brothers! Their attention to safety and the overall well-being of their clients is commendable. The trek was challenging yet rewarding, and I always felt in good hands. If you’re looking for a trekking company in Nepal, these guys are the real deal.

James Cook

November 5, 2023

Taktok Brothers provided a well-organized and memorable trekking adventure in Nepal. Their guides are not only experts in the trails but also wonderful companions. We trekked through remote villages and breathtaking scenery, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. This company comes highly recommended!

Sarah James

November 5, 2023

I had an incredible trekking experience with Taktok Brothers! From the moment I arrived in Nepal, their team took care of every detail. Our guide was knowledgeable, friendly, and made the trek enjoyable. The stunning landscapes and cultural experiences made this trip unforgettable. I highly recommend them for your next adventure!

Luis Stitzinger

November 5, 2023

I am aware that even though being a mere entity in this cosmic drama, I have braved plethora of hardships and have languished at the other side of the rainbows.

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